Mahindra TUV 3OO Now Available in more Powerful Avatar

Published On 22 Jul 2016 By Shubham Parashar

Mahindra TUV 3OO Now Available in more Powerful Avatar

Familiar bits!

Almost everything! Looking at the new TUV3OO you won’t be able to figure out anything that has actually been altered. Indeed, the m-Hawk 100 badge is the only new bit that is sighted on the fenders.
So, outside the TUV remains the same. Butch, tall and very much SUV like. Having said that, we agree to the fact that the styling of TUV is not an eye candy but it definitely looks robust and does incorporates the genes of an SUV. The design language may appeal to many but there are also a good bunch of people to whom this hale-wood toddler looks absurd.
In fact first when had its glimpses, even we didn’t find anything exhilarating about it. However, soon we did realize that unlike other compact or sub-four meter SUVs that looked more a crossover, this macho does carry an SUV impression.
To be particular, its face at a glance looks weird sporting a high mounted five slated grille with chrome inserts that further kinda intuits to the Auto-headlamps. Even the side of the car looks too high but somehow I like that as it has got that SUV proportion. Coming to the rear, TUV looks best from this angle. Though the design is simple with retro SUV affects like spare wheel mounted in the middle and subsequently the tail-lamps too.
Spare me for this, but I don’t know why, I always try to justify this design with the 1st generation Land Rover Discovery. “All observations are personal and may vary from others.”

Same Story Inside!

Very well known place! Inside I could actually not sight a single change, put aside the fact that the rear seat feels more hard cushioned now and even the under-thigh support doesn’t helps. Said that, the front seat, though not best in its class, but feels comfortable enough for a long go, What is only needed is to improve the positioning of the armrest.


The cabin does feels well executed and uncluttered with plastic quality being at-least a notch up to what we are used  to in other Mahindra’s, even the bigger one such as Scorpio and XUV 5OO for that sake. The dual-tone beige and black interior theme with silver highlights on the dash, central console and steering wheel looks up-market and touches like piano black finish on the central console works as silent contributor to the ambiance. Said all that, there are bits that can be improved to enrich the ergonomics such as size of the cubby holes where many are too small to hold stuffs and positioning of the power-window switch knobs that alike Bolero and Scorpio are intuited in the central console. While driving we need to ferret around to access the power window switches, especially with elbow-rest in use.
Moreover, the cabin which otherwise looks simple is feature rich and has adopted some premium features from big Mahindra’s like rain-sensing wipers, follow me home headlamps with auto mode, 2-Din audio system with Bluetooth, Aux and USB connectivity and most importantly Electronic Stability System (ESS) that does helps to manage all those body wobbles.
TUV will also keep you safe as it has front airbags, ABS with EBD and seatbelts with pretensioners.

What actually is new!

Well! Not exactly new but it does performs in a new manner. The engine that performs duty under the hood of the TUV now churns out a good 100 bhp @ 3750 rpm and 240 Nm of torque at 2800 rpm. It’s the same 1.5-Liter 3-Cylinder mill with dual stage turbocharger that now has been tuned to offer a better power output as compared to 84 bhp and 230 Nm of torque that still is on offer. The 100 bhp unit too comes with an eco-mode option that simply makes the engine lethargic for fuel-efficiency purpose.

Its Drivability

Don’t expect any dramatic change, rather it is a modest leap. Having said that, the m-Hawk 100 has now intuited some fun element to the car. Though it takes a while to spurt in motion, but at 1950 rpm you feel a surge of power kicking in and further the rev range will allow you to pull till 2800 rpm after which the power delivery runs flat. Now where the real beauty lies is in the way it swiftly pulls in higher gears at a low speed mark. While in third gear, I was easily able to maneuver at a speed as low as 20 kph and that gives credentials to this ride for being a driver-friendly city ambler. Said all that, the gear ratios even now doesn’t holds tall and in most of the time while revving high, you will feel the need of working with gears very quickly.
The TUV remains almost same in the way it handles. However, I somehow observed that the suspensions feel tad more stiff now. Though, body-rolls are still pretty much evident on sharp bends, given its ride height and amount of air inside the cabin, but the suspensions now will help in lane change departures.


What we have to say 

A good package for a sub-four-meter that justifies the tag of an SUV. It performs the same way like an SUV should where mid-range are strong and even has same cookies and flaws in the way it handles alike an SUV. I rather would conclude now by saying that it’s pleasant to ride in the city and if you are one of those drivers who drive with ease on highways, you can go for it.

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