Datsun redi – Go Review

Published On 06 Aug 2016 By Shubham Parashar

Datsun redi – Go Review

So Good

. Dynamic design language

. Some added features

. Impressive corner agility

Not So Good

. Too much of exposed metal sheet inside

. The engine is not rev happy

. Steering feedback can be improved

At the launch event of the redi-Go Mr. Malhotra (MD, Nissan Motor India) shared his and his team’s perspective that they had when they were planning the redi-Go. Their motive was to give variety to the customers of this segment who generally are first time car buyers. Thus, all they managed to allure the buyers was to give the redi-Go a dynamic exterior design and add some features which are first in the segment. But what actually can tempt customers is the launch price of the redi-Go which is INR 2,38,900 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi).

First Impression

Now that you know the price of the car, the first evitable thing is the tall-boyish design which separates it from others in the segment. Datsun calls the redi-Go their urban-cross and that it has a ground clearance of 185 mm, it is quite justified. Having said that, the redi-Go looks more a beefed-up hatch with skinny tires. The face of the car looks chunky housing a chrome fringed honeycomb grille and a sleek looking stretched headlamp cluster. Below the overhang there is a silver skid plate (first in segment) that somehow does gives credentials to the urban-cross term that Datsun says this car to be. But what really appeals is the fine DRL strip that is intuited in the fog lamp area.

The side profile of the car also has some sharp lines that makes the car look even more stringent. Adding some more drama is a sharp cut taking incline from the front door and running through the below line of the C-Pillar then merging to the tail-lamp. The front flown out wheels arches also adds some muscles to the overall design profile. Coming to the rear side, the design again is worth complementing as alike the front and the side, even here the profile has blend of sharp lines that looks captivating.

Ambiance Inside

Pop-in and you find nothing plush that outstand redi-Go from the crowd. The Interior is very basic and the material quality is hard. Stuck in traffic, when I looked around the cabin, it was quite easy to figure out the cost cutting areas. There are lot of exposed area like the door pockets and the pillars that really turned me off for a while. But then it didn’t took me long to sight the areas where that cost cut has been utilized like the seats which has firm cushioning and in the rear, it does offers a decent amount of legroom and it being a tall boy, even the headroom impresses. 

The dash of the Datsun redi Go has been designed very practically as you get good amount of utility spaces underneath the glove box and the steering wheel to place your stuffs like wallet, phone, i-Pod and more. Now that said the material quality of the redi-Go could have been up by a notch and even the switch knobs looks little flimsy.

But the redi-Go inside is feature rich. It has all those tweaks which are kinda essentials in the segment and are standard on the competitors such as front door power windows, HVAC, Electric Power Steering, 2-Din Audio System with Aux connectivity and all that you will see in others cars of the segment.

Moreover, Datsun has also made a smart gesture by offering a five customization kit, precisely Urban, Style, Kool, easy and enhance style kit that will enable folks to personalize there redi-Go.

What Powers the Car

Better than what I had expected! Under the hood there is a 799cc 12 valve 3 Cylinder petrol engine that propels 53 HP @ 5678 rpm and 72 Nm of peak torque. Though this is not an engine that feels athletic but it is pretty maneuverable in city traffic conditions. The throttle responses are little flat but that said, you will feel a surge of power at half past 2000 rpm and that makes overtake maneuvers easy, working with just a single gear-shift. But still, I would have liked the 5-Speed manual gearbox to be little more responsive enabling the engine to deliver that thrust of power on a toggle. However, the good thing is that the redi-Go is actually frugal not only when you are investing but also to run as it delivers an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/l.

Ride and Drivability

Considering the price point, the ride quality of the redi-Go is kinda satisfying but if it would have been up a notch, it would have definitely given an edge as almost all the other rivals do meet the same expectations. The NVH levels inside though are controlled to an extent, still you will feel the shivering of the gear-stick and steering murmering when you try to rev hard. Even the engine growls are audible after 2200 rpm. Moreover, the suspensions of the redi-Go are on rough patches will leave the accupants tossed.

Now the redi-Go did surprised with the way it handled. Considering, the ride height and the high ground clearance I was expecting more body wobbles on corners, but the redi-Go managed it with tad hustle. Moreover even the steering of the car is correctly weighted to speed and you won’t loose confidence easily, being behind the wheels.

How safe it is

Charging the speed, redi-Go has disc brakes in front and drum at rear. Beside that Datsun also offers seat belts with pre-tensioners and driver-side airbag as standard on the top ‘S’ variant.

Our Perspective

A value for money propositions that offers a blend of drivability and some features that can allure buyers in the segment. So the point that Datsun made of giving options and some added perks to the customers of the entry segment is justified here.   

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