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Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60
Rs 44.80 Lac - 51.70 Lac*
*Ex-showroom price (new delhi)
Volvo XC60 Versions
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Volvo XC60 is Sold in the following colours in India.
  • Rich Java
  • Bright Silver Metallic
  • Crystal White Pearl Metallic
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
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SYNOPSIS Volvo XC60, a SUV is manufactured in 4 versions in India in the form of 4 Diesel cars. It comes in 5 colours, namely, Black Sapphire, Bright Silver, Crystal White Pearl, Passion Red Silver and Rich Java. Offering a luxurious drive to its occupants, the XC60 is a fully loaded crossover from Volvo. Introduced in 2008, the car has been one of the best selling models of Volvo. XC60 got a nice built structure and is full of safety features. The company has acknowledged as many utilities as possible. It provides nice features but never compromises with its looks and the comfort level. The drive is made pleasurable by the introduction of climate control scheme that is present in the car. XC60 has air quality sensors that control its inner temperature. The forward-facing windscreen of the car is coated to avoid diffusion of infra-red emissions.

OUTER LOOK The outside of the car is pleasing and attractive. It has features like day time consecutively lights, front and back end bumpers, tinted glass and under the shield for the engine. The headlights of the car have composite surface lenses. The rear window is fixed with defroster and the roof is mounted with a pair of rails and spoilers for a fresh look. Also, the mirrors of the car have a heating utility to them. Headlamps present on the front side of the car looks very good. The car comes with alloy wheels.

INTERIOR & FEATURES The car has an interior which is comfortable, fully equipped and improves the overall look of the car. All versions have leather fabric for added comfort. The base variant of the car comes with an option of assimilating sport leather seats but at an additional charge. The front seats have the provision of a heater. The back end seats have been fitted with cushions, which have foldable capability physically while the high end sleek has an electrically adaptable feature to them. The car has outside air temperature needle, cruise regulator and door entry lights too. Floor and overhead console, cup holders, front airbags and front seat support are the rest of the add-ons

The automobile runs on a 5 cylinder engine with an engine displacement of 2400cc. The base versions of the car like D4 is combined with an engine that has the capability to shift around 1984cc. 181 bhp of power can be generated out from it and a top torque output of about 400Nm. The peak end at the same time can shift up to 215 bhp and produce a torque of 440Nm. A 6-speed automatic transmission gearbox is mated with the base, and the base versions of the car and an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox is fitted with the top end models.

MILEAGE The 1969 cc Diesel model delivers a fuel economy of 14.7 kmpl and 2400 cc engine delivers a mileage of 13.8 kmpl.

PERFORMANCE AND HANDLING The car runs on a 2.4-litre grinder that has five cylinders, which are additionally combined with twenty regulators in it. It can attain the speed from 0-100 kmph in only 8.3 seconds which is commendable at this price. It has a top speed of over 200 kmph, which is commendable. Besides power steering, the suspension scheme of the car helps in maintaining the balance at high speed. The car also comes with a constantly controlled framework notion that improves the handling of the car.

RIVALRY The car has rivals in Audi Q5, BMW x3 and Land Rover LR2.

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