India will have to wait for Hyundai Creta Facelift

Published On 10 Jan 2017 By Sunny Soral

India will have to wait for Hyundai Creta Facelift

The Hyundai Creta has been a massive success for the Korean car company in India. So much so has been its success that even after almost two years of being on sale, the Creta is still clocking more than 6000 unit sales average every month. The success of the car becomes even more significant since the pricing of the Creta has been on the higher side as compared to its rivals as well. Now there were a lot of rumours going around about Hyundai planning a facelift for the car in 2017 with most of the design elements being sources from the Brazilian Creta. However, now as per a Motor Trend report, the Creta facelift will keep us waiting for some time.

Quiet clearly the Creta is doing wonderfully well in the Indian market and thus, there is no point for Hyundai to update it at present. The facelifts generally only arrive when the models start showing a downward trend in sales or when there has been a considerable time since the launch of the vehicle. In both cases the Creta is a model that is too young for a facelift. At present Hyundai is planning to bring in facelifts for the Grand i10 and Xcent while it is also working on the next generation Hyundai Verna, which is expected to arrive in second half of 2017. 

We can only expect a Creta Facelift in 2018 and that too in the later part of the year when the Creta would have completed three years in the Indian market. Since it is too early for a Creta facelift, we cannot be sure if the update will be based on the Creta sold in Brazil or there would be a different path altogether. The Brazilian Creta design is comparatively more subtle and loses some of the tough appeal of our Indian version. Thus it is not sure if Hyundai would want to go that path in India with the Creta or not. 

However, like we told you some time back, Hyundai is planning to bring the Mild-Hybrid system to the Creta and the next Verna in 2018. We can expect the Creta Facelift to bring Hyundai’s mild-hybrids to India in 2018. 


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